Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if there is only 1 single Solo Enemy Card left in the deck?
If ever there is a single Solo Enemy Card in the deck, instead of drawing it take that card and ALL cards in the discard pile (not cards in Hero Slots) and shuffle them together. Place them face-down to form a refreshed Solo Enemy deck.
Can spells and abilities affect Serfs on the Action Bar?
Spells and Abilities, even during a Battle in the Capital City, cannot remove Serfs from the Action Bar or Building Spaces, nor can those Units be Sacrificed to pay for Tactic Cards.
Do abilities and spells by enemy players affect the Capital City?
Abilities and Spells performed by enemy players cannot affect the Capital City from OUTSIDE, but during a Battle INSIDE the Capital City Region, abilities can take effect. For example, an enemy player cannot cast "Earthquake" and cause another player to lose Units from their Capital City. But, if they were in a Battle with the Capital City, they could cast "Fireball," causing a loss of Units there.
Which Units can be sacrificed?
Only Units (except for Vessels) may be sacrificed. Neither Vessels nor Structures may be sacrificed.
What happens if a Tactic Card or other ability cancels my Tactic Card?
If a Tactic Card or other ability cancels your Tactic Card, you do not have to pay the resource cost, nor do you gain its VP (positive or negative).
May the defender cast a Combat Spell after the attacker has cast one?
The defender may not cast a Combat Spell after the attacker has cast one. However Interrupt Spells may still be cast.
What happens if a player cannot pay the cost and meet the requirements of their card?
If a player cannot pay the cost and meet the requirements then their card is ignored and considered a 0 Strength. A player may NOT choose to not pay the cost of their selected Tactic Card and ignore it if they can afford to pay the cost, in Resources and/or in Units.
Can Capital City Regions and Units inside be affected by enemy Spells?
No, unless...
Unless stated otherwise, Capital City Regions and Units inside cannot be affected by enemy Spells. However, while in a Battle within a Capital City Region, Combat Spells may be used.
How much Speed does flying through the Central Sea require?
2 Speed
The Central Sea Region counts as 2 Regions when flying, so it requires 2 Speed to fly an Air Vessel through it.
Do Air Vessels require Units aboard it to fly?
Air Vessels don't require Units aboard it to fly.
How do Units board an Air Vessel?
Like the Sea Vessel, the Air Vessel may carry passenger Units which can freely board and exit the vessel if sharing the same Region but not in the middle of a Fly Action.
How do Sea Vessels sail through the Central Sea Regions?
Like armies Marching through a Desert Region, Sea Vessels cannot Sail through the Central Sea Region in a single Sail Action. They must end their Sail upon entering and may move out with a subsequent Sail Action.
May Sea Vessels Sail through “unexplored” Sea Regions without revealing their Exploration Tokens?
Sea Vessels may Sail through “unexplored” Sea Regions without revealing their Exploration Tokens.
How are Exploration Tokens resolved in the Central Sea Region?
In the Central Sea Region, 2 Exploration Tokens are revealed and resolved one at a time. Do not reveal the second token until the first is resolving.
Do Sea Vessels require Units aboard to sail?
Sea Vessels don't require Units aboard to sail.
Does a Sea Vessel march with an army?
A Sea Vessel may not march with an army.
How do Units board Vessels?
Land Units on the Shore may freely board and exit the docked Vessel, however a Sea Vessel may not march with an army.
Where do I place a docked Sea Vessel?
When a vessel is “docked” on a Shore, the Vessel is placed halfway between both the Land and Sea Region.
What is a Shore Region?
Shore Regions are any Land Regions that border the Sea.
What are Graticules?
Graticules are the letters or numbers marked on the outside of the map that have matching pairs directly opposite from each other. Attached to Ferry Routes, these are considered connected and “wrap-around” to the opposite side of the map.
How do Units pass through Desert Regions?
Units cannot pass through a Desert Region in a single March Action, even if they have sufficient Speed to do so. They must end their March upon entering and may move out with a subsequent March Action.
May Armies March through “unexplored” Regions without revealing their Exploration Tokens?
Armies may March through “unexplored” Regions without revealing their Exploration Tokens. Safety first!
How are Exploration Tokens resolved in a Swamp Region?
In a Swamp Region, 2 Exploration Tokens are revealed and resolved one at a time. Do not reveal the second token until the first is resolving.
How shall we proceed if conflicts arise when Following an Action?
In the rare event that a conflict arises, resolve the actions in player order, starting with the active player.
How long must Serfs remain in their Action Slots?
Serfs must remain in their Action Slots until the end of the round. This fills that Action Slot for the remainder of the round and that action may not be taken again, neither by following with another Serf nor by taking a traditional action with a Faction Token.
What happens with Serfs in the Action Bar?
Serfs in the Action Bar cannot be used for any other Actions this round, cannot be targeted or sacrificed in Battle and cannot be the target of any Spells, but they do offer their Strength value if the Capital City is attacked.
When do the Resource Tokens advance on the Tax Track?
After Taxing is complete (including Followed Actions), the Resource Tokens advance; the token in “slot 2” moves to “3,” the “3” to the “4,” and the “4” then cycles back to the beginning “2” slot.
What happens if the Spell Deck runs out of cards?
If the Spell Deck runs out, shuffle the discard pile and form a new deck.
When do I cast cards?
Cards are being cast as Command actions.
Where do I keep my cards?
The cards you choose are kept in your Spell Library (=your hand) or Scribed Spell Slots (=C.C. board).
What is a Scribed Spell worth at the end of the game?
1 VP
Each Scribed Spell is worth 1 VP at the end of the game.
How many Scribed Spells can I have?
Players may have only as many scribed Spells as their C.C. level.
Can I discard Scribed Spells?
No, scribed Spells cannot be discarded at any time.
What is my Hand Limit?
The number of cards allowed in your hand is equal to your C.C. level.
Do I need to disassemble the constructs after the game?
Constructs are made to be assembled once and never disassembled. You may refer to the Construct Assembly Guide for detailed assembly instructions.
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Are docked Sea Vessels considered to be in the Land Region or the Sea Region?
Land Region
Docked Sea Vessels are considered to be in the Land Region, NOT the Sea Region.
What is the maximum capacity of sea and air vessels?
There's a maximum of 2 units per vessel.
What is the worth of completed buildings at the end of the game?
1 VP
Each completed Building is worth 1 VP at the end of the game
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Do Serfs offer their natural Strength value while occupying a building Worker Space?
Each Serf occupying a building Worker Space still offers its natural Strength (1) when defending a Battle in your Capital City Region.
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What is the worth of a Warrior at the end of the game?
1 VP
Each Warrior in play is worth 1 VP at the end of the game.
What is the worth of each Hero at the end of the game?
2 VP
Each Hero in play is worth 2 VP at the end of the game.
What is the use of upgraded Capitals?
Upgraded Capitals unlock new abilities with Buildings and Heroes as listed on the C.C. Board and Hero Cards. It also increases the C.C.'s Strength, the number of Towers and Spell Cards a player can have and Scribe, and the VP the Capital City is worth at end of the game.
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What happens to Land Exploration Tokens when a Tower is built?
When a Tower is built, reveal, but do NOT resolve, all the face-down Land Exploration Tokens in the Land Regions adjacent to the Tower that are on the same Continent as the Tower. The tokens are resolved when another Unit enters those Regions.
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Does the Serf have to stay in the Region where the Tower is built?
Unlike when building a Building, the Serf is not required to stay in that Region; they are treated as a normal Unit.
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How many Towers can I build with C.C. Level 1?
A player with a Lv.1 Capital City may only build 1 Tower.
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How many Towers may I build per Continent?
Players are also limited to building only 1 of their own Towers on 1 continent (in 2-player games, a player may have 2 Towers on 1 Continent). Multiple Factions’ Towers may occupy the same continent. A Tower may never be built in a Capital City Region with a Capital City Construct.
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What is the use and worth of Towers?
Towers have a Natural Strength of 3 and may not move (unless an ability allows it). They are each worth 3 VP per Land Region away from that player's C.C. at the end of the game.
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During battle, several tactic cards require my army to include more than just serfs. Now, am I able to play these cards when defending a tower or the Capital City without any non-serf units?
Yes. If a Structure, ie. a Tower or CC, is involved in the Battle, any Tactic Card can be played.
During battle in the C.C., how are the serfs on the Action bar, in Buildings, and in the Courtyard affected by removal spells (e.g. Fireball), removal abilities (e.g. Dragon), and other spells?
Serfs on the Action Bar and in Buildings cannot be removed with removal abilities/spells or sacrifice. Other than that, they count towards every other ability/spell, weakening or boosting.
New QuestionThere are several abilities in battle that refer to "before tactic cards are revealed". Some are abilities of heroes that might prevent opposing ability bonuses. How's the timing on these?
The Unit needs to be alive when Tactic Cards are revealed to count towards Strength bonuses. In your example, the Paladin would lose his +1 Strength if the Serf were killed before the Tactic Cards were played. Furthermore, the Level 3 Paladin can gain an extra 2 VP for winning a battle with a Serf. In this case, the Serf would need to survive the entire battle (not be sacrificed) in order for the extra VP to kick in.
In what instances is a battle cancelled to the effect that no tactic cards are played?
If one side no longer has Units or Structures prior to Tactic Cards being played.
Taking damage says that one needs to lose at least half of the natural strength of the army, when is this "natural strength" calculated?
After removing Sacrificed Units, which is after Tactic Cards have been played.
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Is a player allowed to choose a tactic card he cannot play?
If a player chooses a Tactic Card they cannot play (for whatever reason), it becomes the Fight Tactic Card. 0 cost, 0 strength.
What is the order of abilities in combat in terms of players?
Defender first
Defender first.
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Do structures count for things that call out for a 'lone' unit?
Structures in Battle effectively count as Units but not towards a Region's Unit cap of 5. So you can have 5 Units + a Tower in a Region for instance.
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Do units that are sacrificed in battle count as 'units destroyed in battle' for purposes of triggering abilities?
Yes, they do.
Can Sacrificed Units Be Chosen To Take Wounds?
Do tactic cards that get cancelled by other tactic cards still get paid for? Do they still earn victory points?
Can an empty boat at sea conscript units to it from an adjacent land region? Filling the boats capacity.
Yes, because it's an adjacent region. It follows the conscripts rules, not the loading and unloading a vessel rules. Essentially the units take a rowboat to the vessels as was arranged in the conscripts agreement.
Can a Hero be sacrificed?
Can vessels or structures be sacrificed?
No, neither vessels nor structures can be sacrificed.
Can serfs or warriors on the action bar or buildings be sacrificed?
No, serfs or warriors on the action bar or buildings cannot be sacrificed.
Can I sacrifice a unit any time?
No, sacrificing is only ever possible for tactics cards and only if the tactics card cost could be satisfied. (cannot sacrifice and still be unable to satisfy cost).
Can I sacrifice a unit even if I have enough resources available?
Yes, sacrificing can be done even if you have enough resources to save your resources for later.
Can I conscript from CC to a tower?
Yes, you can.
Can the the catapult still participate in the battle (at range) even if you already have 5 of your units in the battle?
Yes, it can.
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When retreating, may the units retreating split up? Meaning could 1 unit retreat to a tower and another unit to the capital city? Or do all retreating units must go to same destination?
Yes, they go to the same destination.
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What order do players bring in their units if both players have played Conscripts?
In the vein of casting combat spells, the Defender executes conscripts first.
Some of the tactic combat cards say that if the army contains serfs only it can't be used. What if 2 serfs are riding in a boat?
You could use the card as the boat is considered a unit in that battle.
If Conscripts is cancelled do you still lose 2 points because you didn’t bring any units in?
No, if it is canceled by your opponent, you don’t lose the points.
If a battle is "won" by attackers at a capital, is that capital "destroyed"?
If a battle is won in a capital city, the player who lost is eliminated from the game and has lost the game. All their pieces are removed from play. The attacking army occupies the empty capital region.
If I use my Dwarf Priestess's level 2 ability and pull some enemy Serfs into her location, am I still considered the attacker?
If you cause units to enter your space, you are still considered the initiator of the battle and would get the one point bonus. (Same thing with the Witchdoctor level 1/level 2 abilities.)
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Copy Spell: in battle, if a player played a Spell card that said 1 serf or warrior could be removed: Can a player not involved in the battle play a Copy Spell to remove a Warrior?
Combat spells only affect the battle they are being used in. In your specific case, the player outside the battle would not be able to do what they did.
Are siege engines non-serf? What about siege engines 2 spaces away? What about towers (or a tower only)?
The specific Tactic Cards referred are not usable if your army only consists of Serfs. Siege Engines and Towers are not Serfs, so those cards would be usable.
Entanglement - do armies passing through need to pay or only units that start their turn there?
Any unit leaving, so yes.
Does the "rogue exploration token" allow to look at a random spell in the library or one chosen by the target player?
Random, fan the cards out face down and let the caster choose.
Does placing units trigger exploration tokens (e.g. Summon Spell / Conjure Spell)? If not, what is first resolved: exploration or battle?
Yes, placing Units triggers Exploration Tokens. Exploration Tokens would be resolved prior to a Battle taking place in the event that more than one player is placing Units in the same Region (ie. Copying a Summon Spell). The player who casts the original spell acts first.