Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

Command Action: March a Unit or an Army


- Move 1 to 5 Units (= an "army") from a single Land Region, into another Land Region.

- An army can consist of any number or combination of Units, from a single Serf to multiple Serfs, Warriors, and Heroes.

Note that Regions have a limit of 5 Units per Faction after Marching, but not when an army is moving through a Region.

The number of Regions a Unit may move in a March is called its Speed (compass icon) and is listed next to its picture on the C.C. Board.

The army can only move as many Regions as allowed by the lowest-Speed Unit.

Since there are 2 March Action Slots, this Action may be performed twice. It can even be performed twice during the same round by Mustering, even by the same army.

Marching into Battle

Armies must stop a March when they enter a Region with an opponent’s Units, Vessels, Tower or Capital City.

This ends a March Action, and it immediately results in a Battle between the two players

Towers are Adjacent to the Capital

Each player's C.C. Region, and their Units in the Courtyard, are always considered to be adjacent to all Regions with the player’s Towers.

Note that Towers are not adjacent to other Towers.

Exploring Land Regions

If the army ENDS its March in a Land Region that has a face-down Exploration Token, it is immediately revealed and then resolved.

Ferry Routes

Continents are connected by Ferry Routes, which link Land Regions together and separate Sea Regions.

Two Regions connected by a Ferry Route are considered adjacent. This is the only way for Land Units to travel across Sea Regions without a Vessel.