Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

Command Action: Sail a Sea Vessel


Using its Speed, the Sea Vessel may only sail into Shore and Sea Regions.

Docked Sea Vessels must use 1 Speed to first sail from Shore to Sea. A docked Sea Vessel may move into any Sea Region adjacent to that shore. Sea Vessels cannot move from one shore to another without first moving into a Sea Region.

• Use 1 Speed to sail to adjacent Sea Regions separated by Ferry Routes.

• Use 1 Speed to sail from a Sea Region to dock onto a Shore.

Note that Sea Regions on directly opposite sides of the board, between 2 Ferry Routes with at least 1 matching Graticule, are considered adjacent.

Exploring Sea Regions

If the Sail ENDS in a Sea Region that has a face-down Exploration Token, it is immediately revealed and then resolved.