Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

Game Board Overview


The board is placed in the center of the play area. Choose a side based on your number of players

(Note: Playing with more than 4 players requires the Order & Chaos Expansion.)

It consists of the following:

Player Count: (Top left hand corner.) Marks how many players should be playing when using this side of the board.

Continents- clusters of 10 adjacent Land Regions.

Sea Regions- 13 total Sea Regions.

Shores- connect Land to Sea Regions where Sea Vessels may dock.
Ferry Routes- separate Sea Regions and connect continents so Land Units may cross.
Graticules- numbers/letters that mark a continuation of a Ferry Route.

Score Track: (Along the border.) Marks the current Victory Points of each Faction and is used for end game scoring as well.

Tax Track: (Lower left hand corner.) Resources offered when taking the Tax Action (see "Tax for Resources").