Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

Enemy Sea Vessel Movement


• Can use Graticules and wrap around the Map if they continue in the card's compass direction.

• Can Dock and Undock from Shores without using movement.

• Stop in a Sea Region with your Sea Vessel and then Battle.

• After a second movement, will Dock at the Shore Regions pointed to by the compass on the Card.

• If ending movement in a Sea Region adjacent to Land Region(s) that you control, the Enemy Sea Vessel will Dock on the Shore with the lowest Natural Strength army and then Battle, even if not in the direction of the card and even if the player's army has a higher Natural Strength than the Enemy's army.

A General Note on Sea Vessel Movement: Since the map is organic in nature, some movement paths may be difficult to determine. When in doubt, the movement path may bend clockwise to determine the direction.