Triggering the End Game

The end of the game is triggered if any of the four “X-Objectives” is achieved: see "X-Objectives and End of Game".

Finish the current round and then play 1 additional full round, which will be the final one.

Note: In a 1-2 player game, if a player triggers the end through eXterminate, the game immediately ends.

Final Scoring

Players total their final scores. In addition to their current scores from casting Spells, Battling, and certain Exploration Tokens, players now advance their Score Tokens:

VPs for each recruited Unit and Vessel in the game (not in the supply) as listed on the Capital City Board.

1 VP for each completed Building.

VPs for each built Tower (1 VP per Land Region away from the C.C.).

VPs for the final Capital Level as listed on the C.C. Board (no VP if at Lv. 1).

1 VP for each Scribed Spell.

1 VP for each Land and Sea Region you control at the end of the game (not including your Capital City or Shores). A Region is controlled if a Unit or Structure is present in that Region.

Bonus VP from Buildings abilities as listed on the C.C. Board.

Bonus VP from certain Exploration Tokens in controlled Regions.

Breaking Ties

In the event of a tie, the tied player with the highest total resources wins the game (based on the sum of all 3 resource types). If the game is still tied, enjoy the shared victory!

Read Winning Faction Lore

After determining a winner, the winning player reads their Faction’s Victory Lore aloud: see "Humans/Orcs/Elves/Dwarves Win".