Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

Selecting Tactic Cards for Battle


In this example, players simultaneously reveal Tactic Cards:

The Human army with 10 reveals the First Strike Tactic and pays 4 Mana to use it, so their final total 12 is and the player gains 2 VP.

The Orc army with 8 reveals the Charge Tactic Card and must pay 6 Mana to use it even though they only have 4 Mana. They intend to sacrifice 1 Warrior (2) to pay the difference.

Since the enemy played First Strike, the Orcs receive a bonus, and their final total is 15 and the player gains 3 VP.

With the higher strength (15 vs. 12), the Orc army is victorious, but now that the Battle is resolved the Orc army must lose a Warrior to finish paying the cost of their Tactic Card.