When the Hero moves:

• Its army always moves 1.

• The golden rule for deciding movement is that if the Unit cannot move properly in the direction of the arrow shown, continue moving the direction clockwise until it points to a Region it can move into.

• If moving from a Capital City, it will take all available Units in the Courtyard without exceeding 5 Units. It will take as many available Warriors as possible, however the army MUST have at least 1 Serf if possible.

• If an empty Vessel is present in the Hero’s region, the Hero boards that Vessel and then moves, taking 1 other Unit aboard if one is available (prioritizing Warriors over Serfs).

• It CANNOT move back into its Capital City or into a Region with another of its Heroes (only 1 Enemy Faction Hero per Region).

• If the army moves into a Region that you control, it results in a Battle (see Battling).