Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

Solo Play: Components and Setup


1. Randomly select the Faction for the Solo Enemy.

2. Gather that Faction’s components as if it were a normal game. Flip the Enemy's C.C. Board to the Solo Enemy side. The Enemy does not need Hero Cards, as the Enemy Hero abilities are listed on the Solo C.C. Board.

3. Place the 3 Hero Units into the Enemy's Courtyard. DO NOT place 2 Serfs or 1 Warrior into the Courtyard.

4. Place all 3 Resource Tokens onto the "3" space of the Resource Track.

5. Place 1 Action Token on the "Start" space of Capital City Track. The other Action Token is removed from the game.

6. Shuffle the Solo Action Cards into a deck (8 cards) and place it face-down next to the Enemy C.C. Board.

7. The Enemy DOES NOT require Spell Cards. Do not deal cards to it.

8. All other Faction components are set up in the supply as normal. After you have placed your own Capital City, choose the Enemy's Capital City Region on an adjacent Continent.