Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

Rounds and Phases Overview


Playing a Round

Each round has 3 Phases, performed in order:

Phase 1: Action Selection

Starting with the first player (with the First Player Token), and then going clockwise in turn, each player selects and performs 1 action. The player places one of their Action Tokens onto an open Action Slot at the top of their Capital City Board.

Once an action is selected, the player cannot perform that action again for the rest of the round unless granted by a Spell or ability.

This process of selecting an action will be done twice, so each player will use both of their Action Tokens.

Phase 2: Collection

Once all players have completed the Action Selection Phase, they simultaneously collect Resources based on Regions they control and also draw 1 Spell Card into their Spell Library.

A player can only have 1 Spell Card in their Spell Library per level of their C.C.

Phase 3: End of Round

After the Collection Phase, all players remove Action Tokens and Serfs from the Action Bar, placing them back into their Courtyards.

Rotate 90° any Scribed Spells that have been cast.

The First Player Token then rotates clockwise to the next player, and the next round begins.

Triggering the End Game

After one player achieves any one of the 4 “X-Objectives,” then players finish the current round as normal and play one additional full round which will be the final round. Then, players proceed with the Final Scoring.