Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

Phase 2 - Reminder



After all players have performed 2 actions, completing the Action Selection Phase, then players simultaneously perform the Collection Phase:

1. Collect Resources

2. Draw a Spell Card

1. Collect Resources

Gain Resources from controlled Regions. A Region is controlled by the player having at least 1 Unit or Structure there.

- Mountains yield Ore
- Forests yield Mana
- Plains yield Food

Swamp, Desert, and Capital City Regions yield NO Resources and are not Resource Regions.

Each controlled Resource Region yields 1 Resource of its kind. In addition, Resource Regions also contain “Worker Spaces” where 1 Serf may be placed to collect 1 additional Resource from that Region.

If a Tower is in a Resource Region, it collects 2 additional Resources.

2. Draw a Spell Card

Each player

- Draws 1 Spell Card from the Spell Deck

- Adds it to their Spell Library

If any player has more Spell Cards than allowed by their Spell Library Hand Limit (equal to their Capital City Level), they choose a Spell Card to discard face-down.

Remember: Scribed Spells do not count against your Spell Library Hand Limit.

Advance to Phase 3.