Descendants of Draco

The Descendants are rumoured to be directly related to the Ancients. While there is no concrete proof of this, statistics show that the survival ratio in Descendant-Ancient contact is significantly higher for the Descendants than the other Seven. Hailing from the Draco system, the Descendants are a somewhat elusive species. While they are a fully recognized member of the Galactic Council, their Ambassadors still often cause discomfort among the other species.

Activations per Action

Setup and Stats

3 Materials

4 Science

2 Money

3 Colony Ships

Techs: Fusion Drive

Sector 228


Reputation Track

Trade Value: 3 1

Species Rules

: Explore Action: For each Activation, you may flip two Sectors from which to choose one (or none) to place. Unplaced Sectors are discarded faceup in the corresponding Sector Discard Pile.

: 1 VP per Ancient on the game board at the end of the game.

: You may have Ships in Sectors containing Ancients, but are not allowed to battle the Ancients; you may place Influence Discs in Sectors with Ancients; you are not allowed to collect Discovery Tiles from Sectors containing Ancients.