Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy

1 - Tech and Reputation Tiles


Put the Tech Tiles in the white Tech Tile Bag and shuffle them. Draw Tech Tiles randomly from the Tech Tile Bag until the indicated number of regular Tech Tiles (Military , Grid , and Nano ) for your player count has been drawn. Set drawn Tech Tiles in the slots of the Tech Tray with the matching Tech and cost icons. Tech Tile cost is indicated by the value in the large pink circle on each Tech Tile. Stack duplicate Tech Tiles in the same slot. Place any Rare Tech Tiles drawn in any of the seven slots on the bottom row of the Tech Tray, but do not count them against the number of regular Tech Tiles drawn for Game Setup.

Draw Tech Tiles for Tech Tray:

2 Players: 12 Tiles

3 Players: 14 Tiles

4 Players: 16 Tiles

5 Players: 18 Tiles

6 Players: 20 Tiles

Put the Reputation Tiles in the black Reputation Tile Bag and shuffle them. Shuffle the Discovery Tiles and set them facedown near the Tech Tray and Upgrade Tray . Choose one Blueprint Tile of each type (Ancient , Guardian , GCDS ) to use for this game (Blueprint Tiles with two notches on their border are advanced and should only be used with experienced players). Set the chosen Blueprint Tiles , Damage Cubes , and the Traitor Tile beside the Tech and Upgrade Trays . Arrange the Ship Part Tiles by type in the Upgrade Tray .

Advanced Blueprint