The game ends after the 8th Round. The player with the most VP is the winner. In the case of a tie, the tied player with the highest total amount of Resources in their Storage (Materials , Science , and Money ) is the winner.

Players gain Victory points (Vp) from:

• Reputation Tiles [Combat Phase] : 1–4 VP per tile

• Ambassador Tiles [Diplomatic Relations 4+ players only]: 1 VP per tile

• Controlled Sectors [Explore, Influence, Combat Phase]: 1–4 VP per Sector

• Monoliths on Controlled Sectors [Build]: 3 VP per Monolith

• Discovery Tiles kept VP side up [Explore, Combat Phase]: 2 VP per tile

• Traitor Tile: –2 VP

• Progress on each Tech Track [Research]:

4 Tech Tiles on a track = 1 VP

5 tiles = 2 VP

6 tiles = 3 VP

7 tiles = 5 VP

• Species bonuses

Scoring Tile

Traitor Tile

Species Bonus: Descendants of Draco

1 VP per Ancient on the game board at the end of the game

Species Bonus: Planta

1 extra VP for each Controlled Sector at the end of the game