Diplomatic Relations increase your Resource Production and grant VP.

Diplomatic Relations allow players to exchange their Ambassador Tiles to increase their Resource Production and gain VP. In games with four or more players, any two players may at any time during their Action, propose Diplomatic Relations while adhering to the following restrictions:

• Diplomatic Relations may only be proposed between players with a Wormhole Connection joining Sectors they Control. Diplomatic Relations cannot be proposed using the Wormhole Generator.

• Diplomatic Relations are not allowed to be proposed between players if either player’s Ships are present in a Sector Controlled by or containing a Ship from the other player.

• Diplomatic Relations are not allowed to be proposed between players who already have an Ambassador Tile from the other player.

• Diplomatic Relations are not allowed to be formed between players if either player holds the Traitor Tile or does not have an empty space on their Reputation Track (players may return Reputation Tiles to the Reputation Tile Bag or rearrange the tiles on their Reputation Track at any time as long as the tiles are placed in spaces that accommodate their tile type).

If either player declines the proposed Diplomatic Relations, the current player simply continues their Action. If both players agree to the proposed Diplomatic Relations, they give each other one Ambassador Tile containing a Population Cube from any of their Population Tracks. The Ambassador Tile and Population Cube are placed on any empty Ambassador Tile space on the Reputation Track of each player’s Species Board.

May hold either an Ambassador or a Reputation Tile

May hold only an Ambassador Tile

May hold only a Reputation Tile

Diplomatic Relations remain in effect until the end of the game, and you are not allowed to discard Ambassador Tiles voluntarily from your Reputation Track. Only an Act of Aggression can remove an opponent's Ambassador Tile from your Reputation Track, breaking Diplomatic Relations. An Act Of Aggression is defined as having any number of your Ships in a Sector where the other player has a Ship or Control at the end of your Action. Players who have Diplomatic Relations still Pin each other's Ships.

Note that this means that Moving through an opponent's Sectors is not an Act of Aggression if your Ships remain Unpinned (including Ships using the Cloaking Device)!

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