Sectors Produce up to three kinds of Resources: Materials, Science, and Money.

Materials are needed for Building new Ships and Structures.

Science is needed for Researching new Techs.

Money is needed for Controlling Sectors and taking Actions.

The amount of each Resource you have is marked with a Storage Marker on your Storage Track. When you Produce or gain Resources, move the appropriate Storage Marker(s) one space forward on the Storage Track per Resource gained. When you Pay Resources, move the appropriate Storage Marker backward one space on the Storage Track per Resource Paid.

The amount of Resources you can have is not limited by the values on the Storage Track. If you ever have more than 40 of one kind of Resource, turn the Storage Marker so that the four-pointed end faces the center of the Control Board, indicating you have 40 plus the Storage Track value of that kind of Resource (see the Upkeep: Materials and Science Production section for details on Producing Resources).

Gain Materials

Pay Materials

Gain Science

Pay Science

Gain Money

Pay Money