Even though they are by far the most different species of the Seven, the Planta have long been a steady Council member. Being a moss-like species with a distributed sentience, their intentions are sometimes difficult to decipher. After overgrowing most of the planets and moons in the Cygnus system, they seem to be content with just expanding their lush growth in new systems, fully co-operating with the other species, who mostly regard them as harmless companions. The Planta are phenomenal navigators, which makes them very respected in interspecies trading vessels.

Activations per Action

Setup and Stats

4 Materials

3 Science

2 Money

4 Colony Ships

Techs: Starbase

Sector 226


Reputation Track

Trade Value: 3 1

Species Rules

: Your Population Cubes are automatically destroyed by opponent Ships at the end of the Combat Phase.

: 1 extra VP for each Controlled Sector at the end of the game.

All Ship Blueprints have reduced Initiative Bonuses.

All Ship Blueprints have additional Computers and Energy Production but have one less Ship Part Space:

Interceptor, Cruiser, Dreadnought