Orion Hegemony

The Hegemony originally hails from the Orion system, but their fleets are known to have actively patrolled the general expanses of space since the early times. The tragedy that fell upon the Terran Federation Dreadnought "Juri Gagarin" and its accompanying fleet may well have been due to a grave misunderstanding in interspecies communication, plausible enough in a mutual First Contact. The long war that followed, and their seemingly overwhelming military power, gave the Hegemony their commonly used name. After the peace was established and the interspecies collaboration took its first steps with the creation of the original Galactic Center, the Hegemony has now been recognized as a benevolent species, and their past as a ruthlessly efficient war machine has been reduced to a historical side note.

Activations per Action

Setup and Stats

4 Materials

3 Science

3 Money

3 Colony Ships

Techs: Neutron Bombs, Gauss Shield

Sector 232


Reputation Track

Trade Value: 4 1

Species Rules

: Start with a Cruiser in your Starting Sector instead of an Interceptor.

All Ship Blueprints have increased Initiative Bonuses.

These Ship Blueprints have additional Energy Production: