The Explore Action lets your civilization Explore the uncharted regions of the galaxy.

The Explore Action allows you to discover new Sectors to colonize. Each Explore Action grants you the number of Explore Activations indicated by the Explore Action Icon on your Species Board. For each Explore Activation, choose one Unexplored Zone next to a Sector where you have Control or at least one Unpinned Ship (see the Move section of the Action Phase section for details on Pinning). Flip a Sector tile faceup from the stack corresponding to the chosen Zone's position on the Game Board (Ring I, II, or III: see the Game Board Layout Example at Game End section of the Game Concepts section for details on Game Board layout). Next, choose whether to place the flipped Sector on the Zone you Explored or to discard it.

Note: In order to place the Sector being Explored, the edge of a Sector you can Explore from must have a Wormhole adjacent to the Zone being Explored (excepting players with the Wormhole Generator Tech, see the Wormhole Generator section for details).