3x +6 Materials, 3x +5 Science, 3x +8 Money, 2x +2 Materials +2 Science +3 Money: Gain the indicated Resources.

3x Ancient Tech: Take the regular Tech Tile with the lowest printed cost (see the Rare Techs and Starting Technologies sections for details on regular and Rare Techs) you don't already have from the Tech Tray and place it on your Species Board for free (in case of ties, you choose).

3x Ancient Cruiser: Place one of your Unbuilt Cruisers in the Sector where found.

2x Ancient Orbital: Place an Orbital in the Sector where found and gain 2 Materials .

1x Ancient Monolith: Place a Monolith in the Sector where found.

14x Ancient Ship Part: Place this Ship Part on any of your Ship Blueprints (returning an existing Ship Part if needed). Alternately, keep this Ship Part next to your Species Board and place it as you would any other Ship Part with an Upgrade Action. Ancient Ship Parts removed from Ship Blueprints are removed from the game.

Muon Source: This Ship Part is placed outside your Ship Blueprint grid.

Ancient Warp Portal: Place in the Sector where found. The Sector with the Warp Portal Discovery Tile connects to all other Warp Portal Sectors and is worth 2 VP if Controlled at the end of the game (see the Warp Portal section for Warp Portal details).