The Combat Phase is when battles are resolved. A battle takes place if a Sector is occupied by more than one opponent (player or non-player such as Ancients, Guardians, or the GCDS). Battles are resolved in descending numerical order as determined by the Sector Number printed on each Sector tile.

Battles with multiple opponents are resolved between two players at a time in reverse order of entry into the Sector, with non-player Ships battling the last surviving player. For each battle, the player who first entered the Sector is considered the Defender and the player who entered last is considered the Attacker. If a player Controls the Sector where the battle is taking place, that player is always considered the Defender and will battle last, regardless of when their Ships entered the Sector.

Note: Ancients , Guardians and GCDS are always considered Defenders.

Battle Resolution Order Example (Above): The Red player is already present in the Sector. Green Moves there first followed by Blue. Green and Blue will battle first, and Red will then battle the survivor.