Retreat: If you elect to Retreat your Ships during a Ship Activation, move all your Ships of that type to the edge of a neighboring Sector with a Wormhole Connection (excepting players with the Wormhole Generator Tech, see the Wormhole Generator section for details) to show they are Retreating. You may only Retreat to a Sector you Control where no opponent Ships are present.

On their next Ship Activation, any Retreating Ships are moved to the neighboring Sector and may no longer Attack or be Attacked during the current battle. Retreating Ships are eligible to be Attacked until they have been moved to the neighboring Sector.

Retreat Example (Above): The Green Interceptor decides to Retreat from Sector A. It may Retreat to Sector B (only their own Influence Disc) but not to C (not under their Control), D (empty) or E (contains an opponent Ship). Red cannot Retreat anywhere.