Eridani Empire

Epsilon Eridani, the capital system of the Empire in its heyday, was a sight yet unrivaled: whole moons (some records claim even planets) were shaped to celebrate the might and wisdom of the Forever Emperor. Their wealth was beyond anything ever documented. Yet, after surviving through what they call the Silent Era, the Empire has been reduced to rubble. The resources of the capital system have been depleted and most of their power disintegrated, yet the Heirs have not given up hope. The new dawn may rise in the uncharted systems.

Activations per Action

Setup and Stats

4 Materials

2 Science

26 Money

3 Colony Ships

Techs: Gauss Shield, Fusion Drive, Plasma Cannon

Sector 222


Reputation Track

Trade Value: 3 1

Species Rules

2 : Draw two random Reputation Tiles before the game starts, and place them facedown on your Reputation Track.

-2 : Start with two fewer Influence Discs (leave your two leftmost Influence Track spaces empty).

These Ship Blueprints have additional Energy Production:

Interceptor, Cruiser, Dreadnought