After a long and difficult process, the Mechanema have only recently been accepted as a full member of the Council. Although they have been proven sentient in every legal way defined by the other Seven, and the Auriga system has been assigned as their sovereignty by the Council, there are still occasional disputes on the matter. The birth of the species dates back to the early days of the Galactic Center, when the artificial intelligences of various species were allowed to integrate. The Mechanema are quite respected for their technological advancements; in fact, the basic Ship types now commonly used among the spacefaring species were originally designed by them.

Activations per Action

Setup and Stats

4 Materials

3 Science

3 Money

3 Colony Ships

Techs: Positron Computer

Sector 230


Reputation Track

Trade Value: 3 1

Species Rules

Cheaper Building costs (instead of):

Interceptor: 2 (3)

Cruiser: 4 (5)

Dreadnought: 7 (8)

Starbase: 2 (3)

Orbital: 3 (4)

Monolith: 8 (10)