Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy

Quick Reference: Combat Phase


Determine Battles: Identify all Sectors containing opposing Ships

Resolve Battles: In descending Sector Number order per Sector:

• Battle in reverse order of entry; non-player Ships and player Controlling Sector always Defender

is always a Hit, ≥ 6 is a Hit, is always a Miss

• Fire Missiles in Initiative order

• Repeated Engagement Rounds

• After all battles in a Sector: Draw Reputation Tiles in order of entry

Completing the Combat Phase

• Attack Population: Ships attack opponent Population Cubes in their Sector.

• Influence Sectors: players may take Control of Uncontrolled Sectors where they have Ships

• Discovery Tiles: undefended Discovery Tiles are claimed

• Repair Damage: all Ship damage is reset by returning Damage Cubes to the supply