Attacking Population: At the end of the Combat Phase, remaining Ships attack opponent Population Cubes in their Sector. When Attacking Population Cubes, each Ship may attack once with its non-Missile weapons, using the normal rules to Hit (Population Cubes are considered to have 0 Shield Value). Each damage inflicted destroys one Population Cube of the attacker's choosing.

Attacking Population Example (Above): The Red Interceptors attack Blue's Population once with their Plasma Cannons, rolling three orange dice. One die Hits ( is always a Hit), but the other two Miss. Red removes two of Blue's Population Cubes from the Sector.

Note: If you have Researched the Neutron Bombs Tech, all Population Cubes in the Sector may be destroyed automatically.

Destroyed Population Cubes are returned to the defeated player’s corresponding Graveyards on their Control Board. These Population Cubes are returned to their respective Population Tracks during the Cleanup Phase (see the Cleanup Phase). If a Population Cube is destroyed from a gray Population Square, the owner may choose which Graveyard it is returned to. Similarly, if a Population Cube is destroyed from an Orbital, the owner may return it to either the Science or Money Graveyard.