Galactic Center

Established at the end of the Terran–Hegemony War (30.027– 33.364), the awkwardly named Galactic Center has since become the contact hub of known spacefaring species. Evolved around the diplomatic Ships that negotiated the peace (Terran Interceptor "Shelter from the Storm" and Hegemony Dreadnought "Viewpoint Adjustment"), the conglomerate of Ships and habitats is now the home for billions of entities, housing both the Galactic Council and the Library of the Galactic Center. The Council has representatives from the major species known colloquially as the Seven. While the Galactic Center acknowledges all the lesser spacefaring species as equals, only the Seven have a formal position in the Council. The minor species do occasionally play their part in the Council power struggles.

Even in times of fledgling peace, when alliances shatter and hasty diplomatic treaties are made, the Galactic Center is protected by the Galactic Center Defense System: unmanned automated heavy defenses programmed to target any military presence.