The Influence Action lets your civilization gain Control of vacant Sectors or withdraw from Controlled Sectors.

The Influence Action allows you to modify Control by moving Influence Discs to or from Sectors. Each Influence Action grants you the number of Influence Activations indicated by the Influence Action Icon on your Species Board in addition to flipping up to two of your used Colony Ships faceup. Each Influence Activation allows you to move an Influence Disc from your Influence Track or a Sector you Control to:

• An Uncontrolled Sector where no opponent Ships are present and a Wormhole or Warp Portal Connection exists with a Sector where you have a Ship or Control (excepting players with the Wormhole Generator Tech, see the Wormhole Generator section for details).


• An Uncontrolled Sector where only you have a Ship.


• The rightmost empty space of your Influence Track.

You are not allowed to use more than one Influence Activation in the same Sector per Influence Action.

Removing a Disc from a Sector If you remove an Influence Disc from a Sector, you must also return all Population Cubes from the Sector to their respective Population Tracks on your Control Board. If a Population Cube is returned from a gray Population Square, you may choose which Population Track it is returned to. Similarly, if a Population Cube is returned from an Orbital, you may return it to either the Science or Money Population Track.

Note: If a Population Cube ever needs to be returned to a Population Track that is full, place the Population Cube on another Population Track of your choice.

The track may be filled completely, so that no number is visible. This means that you do not Produce any of that Resource. If a Population Track is full and you still need to return Population Cubes to it, the Population Cubes must go to any other Population Track.

Important! Remember that you may use your Colony Ships at any time during your Action.