Draw Tech Tiles from the Tech Tile Bag until the indicated number of regular Tech Tiles for your player count has been drawn (see table below), placing drawn Tech Tiles in the appropriate slots of the Tech Tray. Rare Tech Tiles do not count toward the number of Tech Tiles drawn for the Cleanup Phase.

New Tech Tiles

2 players: 5 draw new Tech Tiles

3 players: 6 draw new Tech Tiles

4 players: 7 draw new Tech Tiles

5 players: 8 draw new Tech Tiles

6 players: 9 draw new Tech Tiles

Move all Influence Discs from your Action Track back to your Influence Track and any Population Cubes from your Graveyard to their respective Population Tracks. If a Population Track is full, place the Population Cube on another Population Track of your choice.

Finally, flip all of your Colony Ships faceup and your Summary Tile with the Action Phase Overview side up. Move the Round Marker one step forward on the Tech Tray. A new Round starts, beginning with the Action Phase.

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