The Move Action lets your civilization Move its Ships.

Each Move Action grants you the number of Move Activations indicated by the Move Action Icon on your Species Board. For each Move Activation you may Move one Ship up to the number of Sectors determined by its Movement Value (total value of a Ship Blueprint’s Drives) while adhering to the following restrictions:

• Ships may only Move to Sectors with a Wormhole or Warp Portal Connection to the Sector being Moved from (excepting players with the Wormhole Generator Tech, see the Wormhole Generator section for details).

• Ships are not allowed to Move to Unexplored Zones.

• Pinned Ships are not allowed to Move from a Sector containing opponent Ships. To determine if Ships are Pinned, total the number of opponent Ships in that Sector. Each opponent Ship in the Sector Pins one of your Ships (of your choosing). Pinning is determined for each Move Activation, so a Ship that was Pinned may become Unpinned later as the result of Building or Moving.

• The GCDS Pins all Ships in the Galactic Center Sector.