Reputation Tiles: After all battles in a Sector have been resolved, each player who participated in battle draws up to a maximum of five Reputation Tiles from the Reputation Tile Bag as follows:

• 1 tile for participating in one or more battles.

• 1 tile for each opponent Interceptor, Starbase, or Ancient destroyed.
• 2 tiles for each opponent Cruiser or Guardian destroyed.

• 3 tiles for each opponent Dreadnought destroyed.

• 3 tiles for destroying the GCDS.

Drawing Reputation Tiles is done in order of player entry into the Sector, with each player drawing their Reputation Tiles and selecting up to one to place facedown on their Reputation Track (returning any other drawn Reputation Tiles to the Reputation Tile bag) before the next player draws their Reputation Tiles. If your Reputation Track is full, you may choose to return any Reputation Tile from your Reputation Track to the Reputation Tile Bag to make room for a newly drawn Reputation Tile. You may rearrange the tiles on your Reputation Track at any time as long as the tiles are placed in spaces that accommodate their tile type.

Reputation Tile Distribution

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