Steps of battle (per Sector): Battles in each Sector are resolved in five steps:

1) Determine the order of player battle resolution; players battle each other two at a time in reverse order of entry into the Sector.

2) Determine Attacker and Defender based on reverse order of entry into the Sector; players Controlling the Sector always act as the Defender regardless of their order of entry.

3) Determine Initiative for each Ship type.

4) Missiles (if any) are fired once, by Ship type, in Initiative order.

Missile Example: All Ship types with Missiles fire their Missiles in Initiative order. For each Ship type, roll dice of the corresponding color equal to the number of Die Symbols shown on Missile Ship Parts on your Ship Blueprint (e.g. two orange dice for each Plasma Missile Ship Part).

5) Repeat Engagement Rounds until all of one player's Ships have Retreated or are destroyed.

For battles with more than two opponents, repeat steps 1-5 until a single opponent's Ships remain.

After all battles in a Sector have been resolved:

6) All players who participated in the battle draw and select Reputation Tiles, one player at a time, in order of entry into the Sector.
7) Return any destroyed Ships to their owners.

Proceed to resolve additional battles in descending Sector Number order.