Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy

Terran Factions: Standard Information


Although the species is still known as the Terrans, its different factions have long since left their home system and now call new, distant systems their home. After the wormhole drive technology was discovered, the six main factions set out to colonize the nearby systems, leaving the ruined and dying home planet behind. The Terrans have proven to be a surprisingly adaptable and versatile species. After surviving the near-disastrous First Contact and the subsequent war with the species they named the Hegemony, they have made rather steady development and are now more or less unanimously regarded as a reliable member of the Galactic Council. The main drawback of the Terran society, and probably the reason preventing them from rising to true greatness, is their inherent need to squabble and form miniature factions amongst themselves.

Activations per Action

Setup and Stats

4 Materials

3 Science

3 Money

3 Colony Ships

Techs: Starbase



Reputation Track

Trade Value: 2 1