Catacombs 3E

Devour Shots


When hit by a devour shot, a character immediately takes one point of damage. If they are still alive, they are removed from the playmat and placed on the Devoured card. A character that has been devoured cannot take any actions and are considered to be removed from the game.

All devoured characters are released once the room is completed successfully or the monster is destroyed. In the latter case, all characters are returned to the place on the playmat where the monster was destroyed, ready to take their turn as normal.

If multiple characters are hit by a devour shot, all take damage, but only one character is devoured. The player performing the shot decides which one will be sent to the Devoured card.

Note: Characters cannot be teleported off the Devoured card.

Note: When a hero is devoured, the effect of the stun shot modifier is cancelled.

Note: Multiple characters can be placed on the Devoured card, but each one has to be affected by a separate devour shot.