Catacombs 3E

Catacomb Lord's Lair


When the heroes arrive at the Catacomb Lord’s Lair Special Room card, their final battle begins. The Overseer controls the Catacomb Lord and its squad of monsters (called minions).

Note: Catacomb Lords are immune to the effects of all shot modifiers except the chain, critical, and regeneration shot modifiers. Catacomb Lords cannot be frozen or devoured. Additionally, their own shots cannot be suppressed.

Each Catacomb Lord has three cards: a Portrait card (1), a Setup card, and a Rules card. Arrange the three cards on the Catacomb Lord player board along with the Monster cards for any minions.

Setup Card

The Setup card indicates how to configure the Catacomb Lord:

Starting Health: The white number inside the blood drop indicates the Catacomb Lord's maximum starting health (2). Put a Catacomb Lord Tracker on the indicated blood drop on the Catacomb Lord player board (3).

Playmat: The image of which playmat the Overseer must use for the final battle (4).

Type and number of minions: Each Catacomb Lord has monsters that act as its minions. Take the monsters shown on the card from the Monster Pool. Place them in the Monster Start Zone during the Setup Phase, along with the Catacomb Lord piece itself (5).

Mercenary monster: The Mercenary Monster specified on a particular Catacomb Lord’s Setup card is substituted, one for one, with any Mercenary Monster icons that appear on Room cards during the Setup Phase (6).

Rules Card

The Rules card (7) shows the shot sequences that can be performed by the Catacomb Lord. Catacomb Lords have multiple shot sequences (separated by a black horizontal line), but only one sequence may be performed by the Overseer per round in the Battle Phase.