Players controlling an ally will assigns the ally to assist one hero they control. Place the ally's Portrait and Rules cards beside the appropriate hero player board. Use the Ally Tracker to record the health on the hero’s main health track.

During the Setup Phase, place the ally in the Hero Start Zone along with the other heroes. The player who controls the ally takes a turn for both the hero and ally during each round of the Battle Phase (in any order).

If a hero dies, but their ally remains on the playmat, the hero with the lowest current health (regardless of maximum starting health) then controls the ally. If two heroes tie for lowest health, the hero who has the least gold of the two controls the ally. If there is still a tie, the hero with the fewest items controls the ally.

Allies cannot be devoured, poisoned, or stunned. When dead, allies are out of the game and cannot be resurrected. Allies cannot earn gold, because all gold transfers to the controlling hero.

Allies follow the same rules as heroes, except for the four restrictions noted below:

Health: Unless otherwise stated on their Rules card, allies have a maximum four health and cannot be healed above their starting health.

Ability Cards: Allies start with one fewer Ability card than the total number listed (minimum one). The player recruiting the ally chooses which Ability card(s) the ally will use.

Item Cards: Allies cannot buy or use Item cards.

Spell Cards: Spell Caster allies may take any two Spell cards of their choice. Example: Varesh the Wizard starts with one Fireball Ability card and may choose ten Spell cards. When recruited as an ally, however, he may use his Ability card, but may choose only two Spell cards.