Catacombs 3E

Izchak the Merchant


When the heroes arrive at Izchak the Merchant, they may use their gold to buy items to aid them in their quest.

The Overseer shuffles the deck of Item cards and flips over six cards for the players to examine. These items are available for purchase. Any player can purchase any number of the revealed Item cards if they meet the requirements. The purchased Item card is assigned to the hero by placing it in the designated area on the hero’s player board.

Players can also pay 1 gold coin to see the next card on the top of the Item card deck. There is no limit as to how many times they may do this. Players may also pool their gold coins to assist in the purchase of items.

As an additional service, any hero may purchase a map from the Merchant for 2 gold coins. When the map is paid for, all the Room cards in the catacomb are flipped over, thus revealing the path leading to the Catacomb Lord.