Catacombs 3E

Poison Cards


The use of poison by the Overseer can make the game considerably more difficult and is recommended only for expert players.

A Poison card displays a number indicating the strength of the dose. When a hero is hit by a poison shot modifier, decrease their health, only if the shot inflicts damage.

Then, draw the number of Poison cards shown beside the shot icon from the Poison card deck and place those cards on the affected hero’s player board.

If the total value of all the Poison cards accumulated on a hero's player board ever equals or exceeds the hero's starting health, that hero is overwhelmed by the poison and immediately dies.

In the unlikely event that no Poison cards are available to draw, the affected hero is considered to have been hit with a lethal dose and dies.

Curing Poison

Heroes can cure themselves of poison in the following two ways:

1. Playing a card with the Cure Poison icon.

2. Visiting a special room, such as Althea the Healer.

A hero may discard one Poison card of their choice when being cured of poison. Immediately shuffle that card back into the Poison deck.