Catacombs 3E

Alternate Room Card Layouts


Experienced players may want to experiment with different Room card layouts for a greater challenge and greater variety, and to play with some of the advanced rules.

For an alternate Room card layout, the Overseer sorts the Battle Room cards into three decks, according to their difficulty (0, 1, or 2), indicated at the top right corner of each card. The Overseer then shuffles each deck and lays out the Battle Room cards face down in a column. Changing the number and order of Battle Room cards will vary both the difficulty and the length of the game.

Players may also choose which Special Room cards to include in a game (Healer, Inn, Merchant, or Tavern) and in which order to place them.

For a greater challenge, players can choose to randomly select Special Room cards. In this case, the Overseer shuffles the Special Room cards and places them randomly in each Special Room card slot. Players won’t see which cards are in the game until they’re revealed during the Setup Phase.

Note: The Catacomb Lord’s Lair Special Room card is always placed as the last Room card, face up.