Catacombs 3E

Catacomb Lords


One player must always play the role of the Overseer. All remaining players must play four hero characters. If there are not enough players, a single player may control more than one hero.

The Overseer chooses one Catacomb Lord to appear at the end of the game in the Catacomb Lord’s Lair Special Room card. (Vasesak the Sorcerer is recommended for new players.) If the heroes defeat the Catacomb Lord, they win the game. Place the Catacomb Lord’s Portrait, Setup, and Rules cards on the Catacomb Lord’s player board.

From weakest to strongest, the Catacomb Lords are:

Vasesak the Sorcerer

Vasesak uses powerful magic to conjure an invulnerable shield that can protect him.

Shargila the Gorgon’s

Shargila's petrifying gaze transforms her enemies into stone, killing them instantly.

Hmotha the Lich Lord

Hmotha summons endless hordes of undead monsters to perform his bidding.

Phoshar the Dragon

Phoshar strikes fast with a stream of deadly fireballs.