Catacombs 3E

Playing Spell, Ability, and Item cards


For each turn in the Battle Phase, a player takes only one possible action:

1. Perform the shot sequence on the hero’s card

2. Play a card (typically a Spell, Ability, or Item card)

Note: Any special rules described on a card take precedence over the basic rules.

Spell Cards

Spell cards can only be used by characters who are Spell Casters, such as Varesh the Wizard.

A player may perform one rush shot before casting a spell.

A Spell card can only be played once per game and is then discarded permanently. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Ability Cards

Some heroes begin the game with Ability cards. An Ability card is specific to a particular hero and can only be used once during the Battle Phase of a room.

After you use an Ability card, turn it face down. The card is refreshed (flipped face up) during the Setup Phase of the next room.

Item Cards

Item cards are purchased from Izchak the Merchant or won at the Alewife Tavern. Many items can be used by any hero, but some have usage restrictions.

Item cards are either played once per game, once per room, or are considered permanent.

Refreshing Ability or Item cards

When a Refresh Ability icon or Refresh Item icon appears in a shot sequence, a hero may refresh (flip face up) one used Ability or Item card, so that it can be played once again on a later turn.

Item cards can be refreshed only once per room.