Catacombs 3E

Teleport Shots


During the Battle Phase, a character can be teleported, enabling them to be removed from the playmat and then returned to a different location on their next turn.

A character executes a teleport as part of a shot sequence. The target character being teleported will have its piece removed from the playmat and placed on the Teleported Card.

During the next round of the Battle Phase, the teleported character must come back into play. The player places its piece anywhere along the edge of the playmat and performs a single melee shot. (The melee shot may be followed with a post-Combo item, if desired.) The teleported character’s turn then ends.

While on the Teleported card, a character cannot be damaged or killed. The act of teleporting helps characters recover from being stunned or frozen. No combat occurs between any characters that are on the Teleported card.

A character who is stunned or frozen cannot teleport themselves, but can be teleported by another character.

Note: The Battle Phase continues while monsters and/or Catacomb Lords are on the Teleported card and none remain on the playmat itself.