Catacombs 3E

Setup Phase


The Overseer turns over the next Room card (the card closest to the players).

Special Room

If the card is a Special Room card:

1. For the Catacomb Lord’s Lair Special Room card, the final battle begins.

2. For any other Special Room card, the heroes complete that encounter and then move on to the next Room card.

Battle Room

If the card is a Battle Room card, the Overseer guides the other players through the Setup, Battle, and Resolution phases.

During the Setup Phase, the Overseer:

1. Chooses and places a playmat on the table, centered within the walls. The same side of a playmat cannot be chosen for two consecutive rooms. (This rule does not apply to the Catacomb Lord’s Lair.)

2. Places the black Obstacle pieces on top of the Obstacle icons on the playmat.

3. Places beside the playmat as a reference the Monster cards for each monster displayed on the Battle Room card.

4. Collects from the Monster Pool the appropriate type and number of Monster pieces for the room. Places the Monster pieces within any legal location behind the line indicating the Monster Start Zone.

All other players place their Hero, Ally, or Familiar pieces anywhere behind the line indicating the Hero Start Zone.

Note: If you ever run out of cards or pieces, do not place any on the playmat. (For example, if no more gold coins are left in the Treasury, then the heroes do not collect any more gold coins during the Resolution Phase.)