Catacombs 3E

Althea the Healer


Althea the Healer cures one Poison card for free. As a group, the players decide which hero will be able to discard a Poison card. Shuffle the discarded Poison card back into the Poison card deck.

Heroes may obtain any or all of the following services in exchange for an offering:

1. Heal Hero or Ally (3 gold coins): Restore one health point to the hero or ally. Move the Hero or Ally Tracker up the health track on the hero’s player board by one blood drop.

2. Cure Poison (20 gold coins): Cure a hero of one Poison card.

3. Resurrect Hero (10 gold coins): Bring one dead hero back to life with two health points. The hero returns to life with all of their gold coins and any unused Item and/or Spell cards. That hero may also pay to be healed more by the Healer. That hero starts playing in the next room.

Note: Multiple services can be purchased from the Healer. Players may pool their gold coins in order to make offerings for her services. Allies can be healed by the Healer, but not resurrected.