Catacombs 3E

Alewife Tavern


At the Alewife Tavern, players can test their luck to win items, regain health, or cure poison.

The Overseer places all the Orcs, Fire Spirits, Centaurs, and four hero pieces in an opaque bag. A player must then bet 2 gold coins and blindly pull three pieces from the bag. Certain combinations of pieces earn rewards.

Rewards are as follows:

3 Heroes: Gain full health for the chosen hero and their ally (if he or she has one) or cure all Poison cards affecting one hero.

3 of a kind: Player chooses 1 Item card from the Item card deck.

2 Heroes: Blindly draw 1 Item card (player must take first item they can use).

3 different colored pieces: Gain 1 health point or cure 1 Poison card.

1 Hero: Gain 1 gold coin from the Treasury.

Note: Winning players may choose a reward that is lower on the table than the one they qualified for. All drawn pieces are placed back in the bag between bets.