Catacombs 3E

Character Shots


The three basic character shots are rush, melee, and bite.

A piece must always end a shot in a legal location on the playmat. Pieces cannot end on top of another piece, including obstacles. If this happens, the player who took the shot must move the piece to the nearest possible legal location on the playmat where it can lay completely flat.

If a piece leaves the playmat as the result of any shot, place the piece back on the edge of the playmat at the point where it left.

Rush Shot

A rush shot is performed by flicking the appropriate piece with the controlling player’s finger across the playmat. However, no damage is inflicted.

Melee Shot

A melee shot is performed in the same way as a rush shot. By default, a melee shot inflicts one point of damage if the piece hits its target.

Bite Shot

The bite shot inflicts two points of damage if the piece hits its target.