Catacombs 3E

Amaranth Inn


At the Amaranth Inn, players may pool their gold to do any or all of the following activities:

1. Sleep for a night at the Inn (8 gold coins): Each living hero receives one health (in this case, they can exceed their starting health).

2. Help the Innkeeper clear out the cellar (8 gold coins): Each living hero receives one of each of the following unused items from the item deck: Vaiel’s Urn, Healing Salve, Raisthrim’s Potion, and Cloak of Invisibility. Any leftover items are shuffled back into the item deck.

3. Enjoy a meal in the hall and meet fellow travellers (10 gold coins): Recruit an ally. Shuffle all unused Hero Portrait cards together (including any from other Catacombs games). Randomly draw one card. This is the ally that may be recruited.