Catacombs 3E

Hero Player Boards Setup


Players place a hero player board in front of them for each hero they control, and take the corresponding wooden hero piece and cards.

All heroes have a minimum of two cards: a Hero Portrait card and a Hero Rules card. Place the Hero Portrait and Hero Rules cards in the spaces showing a Hero card back. Place any other cards on their designated sections.

Heroes must start the game with all Ability cards listed on their Hero Rules cards. Players may choose to start with any or no listed Item cards. Note: The Wizard is the only Spell Caster capable of using magic in the core game. At the start of the game, the player using the Wizard chooses ten Spell cards.

The Hero Portrait card (1) shows the hero’s name and class.

The Hero Rules card (2) shows:

• the hero’s starting health (3)

• the hero’s base shot sequence (4)

• any Ability, Spell, and/or Item cards the hero starts the game with (5)

• any special rules

• whether the hero can use weapons and/or magic items (6)

Ability cards go in the section with the Ability card back (7). Spells and Items cards go in the sections with their corresponding card backs (8).

There is a space to place Poison cards as they are accumulated (9).

The Hero Tracker goes on the numbered blood drop on the health track that corresponds to your hero’s starting health (10).