Catacombs 3E



Items can be purchased from Izchak The Merchant or won at the Alewife Tavern. There is no limit on how many items a hero can carry. Some heroes start the game equipped with items. Items cannot be used when a hero is stunned, unless the item is a familiar.

All heroes can purchase and use familiar items, provided they meet certain conditions. A hero can only have one familiar item.

During the Setup Phase, place the familiar within 2.5 cm (1 inch) of the controlling hero. On that hero's turn, the player can choose whether the hero or familiar performs their action first.

The familiar performs its shot sequence every round until it dies or until the room is cleared. The familiar stays with the hero for the entire game, returning to its owner’s side in the Setup Phase of every room.

Familiars cannot earn gold for directly destroying monsters (their owners do not receive any gold). They cannot be poisoned or stunned. However, they can be devoured and teleported.

If the hero controlling a familiar is stunned or devoured, then that hero cannot take an action (as normal). However, the familiar is still able to do so.

If a familiar dies during the Battle Phase, it is removed from the playmat but returns in the Setup Phase of the next room.