Catacombs 3E

Ice Shots


The ice shot is a ranged shot using the ice shot piece. When a character is struck by an ice shot, the character does not take any damage, but is frozen. Place the ice shot piece on top of the affected character piece.

If multiple targets are hit by an ice shot, the player performing the shot decides which one will be frozen.

While frozen, a character cannot take any actions, does not take damage, and any of their defensive properties are suspended. They must remain in place on the playmat with the ice shot piece placed on top of them.

A frozen character can only be freed when the ice shot piece is knocked off by another shot, either directly or indirectly. Then, the ice shot piece is immediately removed from the playmat.

If all other monsters in a room are dead, and any remain frozen, the room is complete and the heroes move on to the Resolution Phase. The hero who froze a monster collects gold the same way they would if it had been destroyed.

Note: Catacomb Lords and Antients are not affected by the ice shot.